SPSNL14 Go Social and Share

Last Saturday I was honored to present my session “Go Social and Share” at the SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2014 in Vianen. I have published my slides on Slideshare:

For those who attended my session I say “Thank you. I hope you found it as fun and insightful as I found it fun and insightful presenting it to you”

Yammer helps you

Yammer is like any other applications a tool to reach your goal. The great part on Yammer is, you can see Yammer as “Yammer Services you help”.

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A meaningful template tip

When creating Office Templates (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) for your organization, it seems rather simple. You create a template fitting the corporate identity you save it as a template and viola ready to connect it to a Content Type within SharePoint. Easy right? But there is one thing most tend to forget, the metadata fields of the template now holds you as primary author. So if your colleagues create a new document, he /she will see your name as author when saving the document.

To avoid this, right click the template you have saved (local for example) and click on properties

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Promoted Links – Your links in SharePoint 2013

In follow-up of the previous article “Where did MY Links go?” I would like to share with you how you can create your (favorites) links in SharePoint 2013.
With SharePoint 2010 you had the My Links. This would store your personal links as well as your links created by the “Connect to Office” option.

In SharePoint 2013 you have the possibility to create links via de app “Promoted Links” (Everything is an app these days 😉 ).

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Where did My Links go?

The other day I got a question of a colleague of mine “We upgraded our intranet to SharePoint 2013 but, where did my links go from our previous intranet?”

New software is (most of the times) fun. There are new features to explore and try out and hopefully finding them useful. However when upgrading to the next version of your software or something totally new for that matter, it might be possible you cannot find certain features anymore. This might be because a feature is deprecated or in the case of entirely different software it is simply not there. In the case of upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, elements might seem like they are no longer there but they are. This is for backwards compatibility.

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