A meaningful template tip

When creating Office Templates (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) for your organization, it seems rather simple. You create a template fitting the corporate identity you save it as a template and viola ready to connect it to a Content Type within SharePoint. Easy right? But there is one thing most tend to forget, the metadata fields of the template now holds you as primary author. So if your colleagues create a new document, he /she will see your name as author when saving the document.

To avoid this, right click the template you have saved (local for example) and click on properties

A new window will open. Click on the [Details] tab.

In the [Details] tab, click on “Remove Properties and Personal Information”

A new window will open (Remember we are working on Windows people! :P)

Select “Remove the following properties from this file:”

Next mark the fields: Authors and Last saved by and click on [OK]

You are now ready to use your template.


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